On the beat: Time to rebuild

On the Beat with Constable Ryan Fleming

It’s been a real pleasure this last week being back at work undertaking my usual duties.

Currently I’m in a phase of rebuilding some of the community contact relationships that I have had to let go of over the last few months.

There are a number of projects which I had to hit the pause button on. One is my favourite one, Operation Christmas Hampers. This project generally runs throughout the year and is growing. Last year right in the middle of the busiest part I was pulled off my duties and sadly missed out. To make matters more interesting, we had to adapt to a very dynamic Covid-19 environment, this meant that we were unable to meet safely to assemble hampers in the week before Christmas in the usual fashion and instead made do with vouchers.

I would like to try and get things back on track and will likely be looking for volunteers soon.

The Community Patrol and CCTV monitors are looking for some willing volunteers also. Each week our Community Patrol are out patrolling the Te Awamutu area (Both Rural and Urban) looking for suspicious activity which is reported to Police. The CCTV Monitors spend time at Te Awamutu Police station monitoring the CCTV system located in our CCTV room. If you are interested in this please email [email protected] for details on how to join.

I am a big supporter of volunteerism. It builds a great sense of community when you take an active part in it.

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